Korean,For Me

   Lot’s of people (specially my parents and my adjumma) don’t like Korean.I don’t know why ??? There’s nothing so bad about them or their culture ?? Right ??

   My adjumma says Filipinos are far more handsome than Korean but I’ll just say “It’s not their face I’, looking at !!” I suddenly got pissed off.I don’t want people criticizing Korea.It’s not like I love Korea more than Philippines..It’s just that,I’ve l;earned to love them,too.And I see myself living in Korea.It’s really my ultimate dream! 🙂   

  I got so hook with those K-Drama & Kpop Groups like EXO,SNSD,Super Juniors,etc.I love their genre.I love their voices,their way of singing.Gosh!! I even can say some of their expressions and I’m proud to say I can memorize some of Hangul lyrics.Haha !!

  That’s how addict I am when it comes to Kpop~~!!!



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