Experience Using Microsoft Excel

Okay,I’ll get straight to the point ..

Microsoft Excel ? Making the Journal,Worksheet ? Easy.

Doing the formulation ? Urgh~! That was the hardest part.I forgot how to do the formulation(or do I really know the formulation ? ) Hahaha xP .. Guess so.

So,guess what I did ? I did all th Trial Balance,Adjusting,Adjusted Trial Balance,Income Statement & Balance Sheet manually and all I did was type everything one by one.=___= (Hassle,right?) But,Hollaa~! The thing was done,but I guess,the hard way.

Well,I tried to do the “Type-the-Formula & Drag”  but … It just didn’t work out well so I had to do it the longer way.At least,I did my best & had the thing done.And,well,learned something.Like,I asked someone who knows Accounting & Computer.I had tutorials with him.Guess who’s “Him” ?Well,my father.(Laugh out loud)

He was so stressed out just teaching me the Trial Balance.At least,I survived he’s naggings.xP

That’s All~! 😉

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