Wu Yi Fan leaving EXO (My Reaction)




  EXO. Actually when I first saw them my eyes was caught in Luhan but something happened (and that’s another story) w/c made me notice Wu Fan. At first,I thought of him as a serious type. The one you can’t make jokes with but that thought changed. I started to like him being my other bias. Of course Luhan will never be out of place but my heart started to give Kris that special place . The way he acts towards his group mates also taught me that not all the times you’ll be joking around. That at times you should also be serious. He showed me that being a leader doesn’t mean commanding. As the saying goes, “A good leader is a good follower”. That is WU YI FAN.

  Just when I thought everything was finew/ them comes this very shocking news that Kris is leaving EXO. I felt many emotions. Nervousness,panic,sadness,doubt,etc. I didn’t believe it. Because at that time our place has no internet connection yet because of the storm “Haiyan” that’s why I don’t really know the truth about it but when my friend confirmed it I just can’t help but cry. I felt like I lost one arm,one leg,half of my heart. I felt like myself’s not complete. I really prayed to God that everything is just a dream. That this very world wrecking news is not happening to my favorite group but .. nothing happened. It’s just so true. Even if it’s hard for me to accept & I know kpopers ,especially EXOstans, can relate eventually I managed to live w/ it. Life goes on,they say. I’m just happy he found something that can make him happy too in China, and that is being an actor.

  But of course, sometimes I just find myself thinking how would EXO be if Kris’s still w/ them up until now. What if he didn’t leave ? 😦

  Watching their videos back then made me realize how I really  really missed Wu Fan. How I wish he’s still included when EXO shot their 1st episode for EXO90:2014. But I could only hope. I’m still hoping Wu Fan will come back to the group.

I still wish. 😦


A Girl

Once I met a girl. She’s kionda freaky. She annoys me alot but she has this kind of attitude that I like a LOT. She changed me. I owe her so much. I owe her my life now.


Transient Beauty

The Secret Map

“Nothing is static. Everything is evolving. Everything is falling apart.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

Nothing is static, as fictitious character Tyler Durden says in the novel Fight Club. Certainly not in Seoul, a city whose internal cogs move so fast it wouldn’t know how to slow down, continuously and rapidly evolving. So too for the country’s seasons, which are indeed distinct, yet vastly over-proportioned in the extreme ends of Summer and Winter. Spring doesn’t last long.

The first warm winds of the year allow many things to bloom in Korea. The first empty rice wine bottles of the season sprout all over the country’s convenience store seating. The unveiling of the lower halves of the nation’s young women mirror the covering of all things flesh-related in the old. Floral arrangements are furiously installed in any green space around the cities as the first minute buds on the trees begin…

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Korean,For Me

   Lot’s of people (specially my parents and my adjumma) don’t like Korean.I don’t know why ??? There’s nothing so bad about them or their culture ?? Right ??

   My adjumma says Filipinos are far more handsome than Korean but I’ll just say “It’s not their face I’, looking at !!” I suddenly got pissed off.I don’t want people criticizing Korea.It’s not like I love Korea more than Philippines..It’s just that,I’ve l;earned to love them,too.And I see myself living in Korea.It’s really my ultimate dream! 🙂   

  I got so hook with those K-Drama & Kpop Groups like EXO,SNSD,Super Juniors,etc.I love their genre.I love their voices,their way of singing.Gosh!! I even can say some of their expressions and I’m proud to say I can memorize some of Hangul lyrics.Haha !!

  That’s how addict I am when it comes to Kpop~~!!!




Experience Using Microsoft Excel

Okay,I’ll get straight to the point ..

Microsoft Excel ? Making the Journal,Worksheet ? Easy.

Doing the formulation ? Urgh~! That was the hardest part.I forgot how to do the formulation(or do I really know the formulation ? ) Hahaha xP .. Guess so.

So,guess what I did ? I did all th Trial Balance,Adjusting,Adjusted Trial Balance,Income Statement & Balance Sheet manually and all I did was type everything one by one.=___= (Hassle,right?) But,Hollaa~! The thing was done,but I guess,the hard way.

Well,I tried to do the “Type-the-Formula & Drag”  but … It just didn’t work out well so I had to do it the longer way.At least,I did my best & had the thing done.And,well,learned something.Like,I asked someone who knows Accounting & Computer.I had tutorials with him.Guess who’s “Him” ?Well,my father.(Laugh out loud)

He was so stressed out just teaching me the Trial Balance.At least,I survived he’s naggings.xP

That’s All~! 😉


My First Grading Experience

I’d get straight to the point,I really took Accounting as an easy subject.Well,at first I really thought it was because we were just asked a few questions,like,”Why do we study Accounting?” or “Why is Accounting needed in Business?” kind of like that questions.And we just defined what’s Assets,Liabilities,Capital,etc.,easy right?But when we arrived in the part where we’ll need calculators?God,I was like “uh-oh,this doesn’t sounds good to me.”And it really wasn’t good.I got tangled with all those add,minus,bring down and total-it-all stuff.And believe me,I’m not the kind of person who loves number,except if it’s money.And I really hate the word “MATH”.I’m kind of exxagerating but I really hate to compute.I guess,I’m not suitable to be an Accountant,and it sucks because eventhough I still had to learn the subject or else I can’t graduate,now that’s horrible.
But I further realized Accounting wasn’t that bad.Even if I got confused when it comes to computation,at least I’m trying my best to understand the lesson.And that’s a good attitude I’m trying to develop,to be consistent and don’t lose your temper to things you don’t like,instead try your best to at least get the thing done right.At least Accounting’s teaching me good attitudes aside from nerve-racking lessons.
Well,at the end of the day no matter how long I talk about how Accounting really sucks I still have to learn that subject whether I like it or not.One thing I can promise,I’ll do my best to learn that pain-in-the-neck subject,Accounting.Honestly,not really pain-in-the-neck,just nerve-racking.:)
And I’ll learn to extend my patience with the computation stuff.


Annyeonghaseyo ! (bows)

Okay,now I’m gonna tell how I find the 2nd Grading Period in our T.L.E IV.Well,in particular with Accounting(nothing else).

Seriously,2nd Grading was more difficult than the first.Imean,unlike in the 1st grading we’re only identifying what’s Assets,Liabilities or Capital and balancing,in the 2nd Grading ? We had the 6-column worksheet & 10-column worksheet.But the real pain-in-the-neck was the 10-column worksheet because it involves Adjusting.And I really find it hard to adjust.I swear I really tried to understand the Adjusting part but it was really hard.=___=

Fortunately,our teacher taught us four ways to adjust.(That was a total relief).At least,I somehow understand how it goes.Just a little (xP).But at least,our teacher tried to lighten our load.Coz we’re soo~~! rattled when our T.L.E time comes.(At least,I’m the one that’s super rattled).Coz as I’ve told you,I’m having difficulty with numbers and all.Not that I hate Math or something.

I just find it hard to undertsand .. As they say,”Practice makes perfect”.



That’s All~~!! 🙂


summer heat

last thursday we went to san juanico golf and country club for a one day vacation.and also to celebrate our aunt’s b-day.i had the chance to spend time with my couzins and some of my realatives.we were like just swimming and swimming and swimming there!
one of the funny part there was when we forgot to bring the b-day cake.hahaha!so,we had to go back .
i will never forget that experience.