Wu Yi Fan leaving EXO (My Reaction)




  EXO. Actually when I first saw them my eyes was caught in Luhan but something happened (and that’s another story) w/c made me notice Wu Fan. At first,I thought of him as a serious type. The one you can’t make jokes with but that thought changed. I started to like him being my other bias. Of course Luhan will never be out of place but my heart started to give Kris that special place . The way he acts towards his group mates also taught me that not all the times you’ll be joking around. That at times you should also be serious. He showed me that being a leader doesn’t mean commanding. As the saying goes, “A good leader is a good follower”. That is WU YI FAN.

  Just when I thought everything was finew/ them comes this very shocking news that Kris is leaving EXO. I felt many emotions. Nervousness,panic,sadness,doubt,etc. I didn’t believe it. Because at that time our place has no internet connection yet because of the storm “Haiyan” that’s why I don’t really know the truth about it but when my friend confirmed it I just can’t help but cry. I felt like I lost one arm,one leg,half of my heart. I felt like myself’s not complete. I really prayed to God that everything is just a dream. That this very world wrecking news is not happening to my favorite group but .. nothing happened. It’s just so true. Even if it’s hard for me to accept & I know kpopers ,especially EXOstans, can relate eventually I managed to live w/ it. Life goes on,they say. I’m just happy he found something that can make him happy too in China, and that is being an actor.

  But of course, sometimes I just find myself thinking how would EXO be if Kris’s still w/ them up until now. What if he didn’t leave ? 😦

  Watching their videos back then made me realize how I really  really missed Wu Fan. How I wish he’s still included when EXO shot their 1st episode for EXO90:2014. But I could only hope. I’m still hoping Wu Fan will come back to the group.

I still wish. 😦