My First Grading Experience

I’d get straight to the point,I really took Accounting as an easy subject.Well,at first I really thought it was because we were just asked a few questions,like,”Why do we study Accounting?” or “Why is Accounting needed in Business?” kind of like that questions.And we just defined what’s Assets,Liabilities,Capital,etc.,easy right?But when we arrived in the part where we’ll need calculators?God,I was like “uh-oh,this doesn’t sounds good to me.”And it really wasn’t good.I got tangled with all those add,minus,bring down and total-it-all stuff.And believe me,I’m not the kind of person who loves number,except if it’s money.And I really hate the word “MATH”.I’m kind of exxagerating but I really hate to compute.I guess,I’m not suitable to be an Accountant,and it sucks because eventhough I still had to learn the subject or else I can’t graduate,now that’s horrible.
But I further realized Accounting wasn’t that bad.Even if I got confused when it comes to computation,at least I’m trying my best to understand the lesson.And that’s a good attitude I’m trying to develop,to be consistent and don’t lose your temper to things you don’t like,instead try your best to at least get the thing done right.At least Accounting’s teaching me good attitudes aside from nerve-racking lessons.
Well,at the end of the day no matter how long I talk about how Accounting really sucks I still have to learn that subject whether I like it or not.One thing I can promise,I’ll do my best to learn that pain-in-the-neck subject,Accounting.Honestly,not really pain-in-the-neck,just nerve-racking.:)
And I’ll learn to extend my patience with the computation stuff.

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