Annyeonghaseyo ! (bows)

Okay,now I’m gonna tell how I find the 2nd Grading Period in our T.L.E IV.Well,in particular with Accounting(nothing else).

Seriously,2nd Grading was more difficult than the first.Imean,unlike in the 1st grading we’re only identifying what’s Assets,Liabilities or Capital and balancing,in the 2nd Grading ? We had the 6-column worksheet & 10-column worksheet.But the real pain-in-the-neck was the 10-column worksheet because it involves Adjusting.And I really find it hard to adjust.I swear I really tried to understand the Adjusting part but it was really hard.=___=

Fortunately,our teacher taught us four ways to adjust.(That was a total relief).At least,I somehow understand how it goes.Just a little (xP).But at least,our teacher tried to lighten our load.Coz we’re soo~~! rattled when our T.L.E time comes.(At least,I’m the one that’s super rattled).Coz as I’ve told you,I’m having difficulty with numbers and all.Not that I hate Math or something.

I just find it hard to undertsand .. As they say,”Practice makes perfect”.



That’s All~~!! 🙂

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